History of Lake Village

The History of Lake Village
Our association was established in 1969.  We are the 2nd oldest neighborhood in Temecula.  Lake Village Community was originally a gas lamp community with no street lights in the neighborhood and each home using a gas lamp in their front yard for lighting.   
Interesting Historical Fact about our Neighborhood:  
When homes were purchased at the visitor center, each new homeowner was given a rose bush as a housewarming gift.   (That might be why you see so many rose bushes when you enter our community!)

Embracing Lake Village's History is one of our Association's four core principles:
Show pride in the history of Lake Village and the contribution of our community to Temecula. Ever mindful of our past, we welcome our future ready to make better judgments and policies that shape a more positive, caring Association.
We need a curator
The Lake Village Community Association Board of Directors recently approved the establishment of a Lake Village History Curator. This person will be responsible for managing, preserving, and maintaining our Association's historical artifacts, photographs, mementos, and milestones. Naturally, we know not everyone is knowledgeable of all things Lake Village but we do expect that person to have an amazing adventure examining our community back in time. The past 50 years has seen significant changes in our community and greater Temecula. Our first curator would have the fun of developing the position and system. 
A significant activity will be in presenting our History to the membership in creative ways and professionalism. For example, a well designed and managed Historical Wall Display could be established and displayed inside our clubhouse. This would afford our members an education and visual impression of our many milestones. Seen below is an example of such a display. The curator will have members of the Communication's Committee to assist them on many projects. 
If you have an interest in this position or need more information, we would love to hear from you. Email Kenneth Dodd, Chairperson Communications Committee at kdoddftm@gmail.com or text 951-541-4840. To download a copy of the position's description, click here.