Welcome To Lake Village

Lake Village was established in 1969 making it the first community in Temecula.  Our village of 251 homes takes pride in its unmistakeably friendly atmosphere. We are neighbors first, Association members second. Our two beautiful lakes, hiking path, pool, playgrounds, basketball and tennis courts, picnic grounds and mature trees combine to place Lake Village as not just any home development - its a Certified Wildlife Habitat.  Our Members care about our environment and work together in supporting a beautiful, peaceful place to live and play. Lake Village residents have considerable pride of ownership in preserving our heritage, quality of life, and property values. This valued collaboration to uphold aesthetic standards, reasonable rules and regulations have made Lake Village the jewel of Temecula.


We Made Things Happen.
If you were to look around Temecula, you may get the idea it was always like this. Not quite. You see, Temecula kids used to play in open fields with lots of weeds. No parks. No ball fields. No anything. If they wanted to play ball, parents had to make a field for them. And we did – our Sports Park (today, it’s called the Ronald Reagan Sports Park). We got outdoors with our tired, dragging bodies after a week of commuting and working and, “we made things happen”. If we didn’t – nothing happened.  You see, we came together as a community, and we experienced the greatest feeling on earth. We fulfilled building a fantastic community with unlimited resources for ourselves and children.
Being engaged with your neighbors supplies a lifetime of memories and friends. Some five years ago, my wife and I attended a reunion of those who built the Sports Park and help set up Little League Baseball in Temecula. We had known each other for 40+ years. We all had shared so much back in the day, and seeing Temecula today gave us much happiness. Why? Because “we made things happen”.
What is it you want to happen? Or are you leaving it for others. That’s easy to do, but your memories will be few. There’s something pretty darn special about collaboration between friends and neighbors to achieve a shared vision. It contributes to the happiness and wellbeing of a community such as Lake Village. Community engagement increases involvement, impact, trust and communication.  
Today, we as neighbors and friends have it within us to dream and mold our own accomplishments. Our Certified Wildlife Habitat program offers all of us an amazing opportunity to set up something long appreciated and loved by generations to come. Our parks, walking paths, lakes, wildlife and abundant canopy of trees await our imagination, vision, design, management, financial support, or just plain “help” to become more than we could ever dream. Don’t let this slip through our hands. Get involved. We need you in so many ways to help us make Lake Village more than just a driveway and a garage after a week of working. Go to our website (temeculalakevillagehoa.com) or Facebook page (Lake Village Community Association) and learn where you fit in. We have a list of Committees who would welcome you with open arms. Just holding back and letting others make things happen may sound okay, but you sure won’t have much to share with your grandkids.
Kenneth Dodd
Chair, Communications Committee

April Task Force Update
We want to bring everyone up to speed on two key aspects of the Lake Renovation Program which the Association Board has approved.