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Vandalism Strikes Lake Village Clubhouse Bathrooms
Posted on Feb 15th, 2022

February 11,2022
Ongoing Homeless Trespassing Issue Calls for Locking Upgrades
The growing rate of homelessness in Temecula and all surrounding communities has become an issue with Lake Village as our Association’s Clubhouse bathrooms have been broken into on several occasions. Persons have utilized the rooms for shelter and often vandalise the facilities. Currently the bathroom doors are susceptible to easily being picked requiring the dead bolts to be replaced with an upgraded locking system. The Association’s Board of Directors have authorized upgrading the access and locks on both clubhouse and bathrooms. 
The newly upgraded locking system on clubhouse and bathrooms are much more secure and will lock and unlock by key or remotely on a timer. The new locks and upgraded access system will be installed late February or early March. At that time all members will be issued a new FOB for access. Additional FOBs will be available for purchase. Until the new locks are installed, and the access system is upgraded the bathrooms will remain locked to protect the property and ensure safety for our members. A key to the dead bolt is part of the Clubhouse rental agreement and is available for clubhouse rentals.
The City of Temecula has partnered with the Riverside County Sheriff’s Department and other agencies to simultaneously support a path to self-sufficiency and aggressively deter unwanted and unlawful behaviors. The Temecula Police Department “Homeless Outreach Team” respond to calls for service dealing with homeless individuals (i.e. trespassing, illegal lodging, panhandling, 5150 evaluations, and public intoxication). To learn more go to: 
While it is important that our Members remain alert for any suspicious conditions or circumstances that may lead to criminal activities within our Community it is not advisable to engage - call the police. For more information on this release contact, Stephanie Biggs, Association Manager, Keystone Pacific, (951)375-3444. 
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