Our Mission | Vision | Core Values

Lake Village Mission Statement
Our mission is to support an association of diverse neighbors, who voluntarily work together to enhance and protect property  values and quality of life; to be guided by a set of principles that are fair, equal, inclusive, ethical and objective; to embrace  critical and creative thinking for research and prudent budgeting; to remain focused on our environment, health and goodwill;  to seek valuable, sustainable solutions to maintaining our common area, lake, facilities and equipment; to uphold and follow our  governing documents; and to promote our Association brand to build positive name recognition and long term value.
Lake Village Vision Statement
We strive to be a more highly functional board; guided by a set of principles that promote and protect our Members’ quality  of life, needs and home values. We will embrace diversity, equality and inclusion. Our picturesque lake, common areas, parks  and meadows will serve as the perfect setting for Members to reflect and refresh under a canopy of deciduous and evergreen  trees; Members will enjoy the amenities for family and neighborhood events; experience a new relationship with conservation  and restoration; and realize the full benefit of living within a natural habitat for aquatic, bird and plant life. Most importantly, we  will build a sense of community that is maintained by welcoming each new homeowner and know and appreciation the history  of Lake Village. 
Lake Village Community Association Core Values
In essence, our Association's values are the beliefs, philosophies, and principles that drive our decisions. Your Association's values are our DNA and they help us differentiate our community from others. That's why we can't make any important decisions without having them in mind.
Take pride of ownership in our homes as we welcome the diversity of our neighbors. Continue to create a warm, friendly environment that encourages others by possessing and approachable, cheerful disposition.
Always show respect and understanding to our neighbors, members, board and volunteers. We remain courteous and open to the views of others and encourage differing opinions and perspectives. 
Show pride in the history of Lake Village and the contribution of our community to Temecula. Ever mindful of our past, we welcome our future ready to make better judgments and policies that shape a more positive, caring Association.
Conservation and preservation of our unique natural habitat and the values of properties. Use forward thinking, progressive strategies to beautify and enhance the lakes, trails, parks and other amenities.