About Us

There are 251 single family homes bordered by Rancho Vista Road, Ynez Road, and Pauba Roads.  Many of our members are original owners and there is a mix of older residents and young families. The common areas and facilities are for the exclusive use of our members and their invited guests. Facing Rancho Vista Road covering four acres is a large swimming pool, two tennis courts, barbecues, picnic tables, deck area, dock for fishing, and a play area with swings and slide. The clubhouse can be reserved for family events. The two acre area between La Primavera and Santa Suzanna Place is called Halliday Park. There is a large lawn area, basketball court and a children’s play area with climbing structure and two slides. The “Lake” in Lake Village is over 13 acres starting at the clubhouse and wrapping around Member homes adjacent to the Sports Park. The Lake bed was man-made and lined to hold water. It varies in depth and is a mix of fresh water and storm run off. No swimming or wading is allowed. Sailing, rowing, and paddle boats are allowed.
We are a non-profit corporation governed by By-Laws and Covenants, Conditions & Restrictions.  There are also member, general, and recreational rules.  Please make yourselves familiar with these rules.

You will receive newsletters and other notices several times each year to keep you informed of Association matters. You are invited to join us on our Member only Facebook page where you will find fun, interesting posts from our Members, event announcements, and updates regarding our Committees and member programs. You are now part of a friendly, inviting family - join in and enjoy, "LVing The Good Life".  
We look forward to meeting you.