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Meet the Neighbors

Welcome to Meet the Neighbors where we introduce you to Lake Village Members living next door or right down the street.

Debbie Gates

Debbie Gates

Debbie and her husband, Warren, are long time members of Lake Village. The two have a sensere love for our local wildlife and have transitioned their backyard into a habitat garden that welcomes the Great Horned Owl.

She best exemplified her passion for Wildlife with countless hours of volunteering for the Lake Village Wildlife Habitat Program. Debbie’s creativity for molding clay into a plethora of subjects is amazing.

We are blessed beyond words to have this lovely lady and her unbelievable volunteer spirit.

Keep On LV’ing the Good Life, Debbie.

Jeremy Garzon

Jeremy has lived in the Lake Village community for 13 years. Jeremy has instructed many Paint & Sip events held at the clubhouse. He has been so kind to volunteer his time teaching our Adults’ Wildlife Habitat Club members how to paint various wildlife scenes.

Jeremy passions include music, art, blacksmithing and working on his house. He has been a State Farm agent for over 20 years.

Jeremy enjoys spending time with his family and the art of forging metal as a blacksmith, providing demonstrations on behalf of the Temecula Historical Society at Vail Headquarters. If you get a chance, check out his demonstrations the last Sunday of every month.

Keep On LV’ing the Good Life, Jeremy.

Jeremy Garzon
Dakota Denton

Dakota Denton

When he not managing a prominent Temecula winery, Dakota and his wife, Crystal, are raising three beautiful daughters. They have called Lake Village their forever home for over ten years and are very passionate about all things Lake Village.

Dakota has spent many hours working on our Wildlife Habitat Amphitheater installing curbing, digging post holes and assisting in whatever is needed.

He is also an accomplished macrame artist and has led our Adults Wildlife Habitat Club in crafting a beautiful hanging pot holder. We really appreciate Dakota and are fortunate he’s part of our Lake Village family.

Keep On LV’ing the Good Life, Dakota.

Kenneth Dodd

Ken and his wife, Sandra moved to Lake Village with their two boys from San Diego in 1977. He spent the better part of his career working in Brand Marketing.

He worked with international distributed product companies as Advertising, Brand Marketing Director before launching his own agency in 1987.

Now retired, Ken enjoys nothing more than our Wildlife Habitat Program. He also serves on our Communications Committee.

When not entertaining our Kids’ Wildlife Habitat Club with Gomer, the puppet mascot he’s playing his Gibson Les Paul guitar and spending time with his three grandsons – the center of his universe.

Keep On LV’ing the Good Life, Ken.

Kenneth Dodd
Matt Cavenaugh

Matt Cavenaugh

Matt and his lovely wife, Ashley, moved to Lake Village from San Diego. Matt was helpful with the development of the Wildlife Habitat Amphitheater.

Matt owns and operates California Artworks a San Diego company that specializes in unique mural painting and design. He produces murals larger than life, often massive enough to fill a major lobby, or the side of a multistory building.

Matt is a very special talent. He brings to life an amazing array of images to adorn hotels, schools, businesses, corporate offices, bar and restaurants. Many of his projects are featured on his firm’s website at

Keep On LV’ing the Good Life, Matt.

If you would like to nominate a neighbor on your street to be featured in Meet the Neighbors, drop us a line.

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