Meet the Neighbors

Welcome to Meet the Neighbors where we introduce you to Lake Village Members living next door or right down the street. 
Meet the Neighbor Spotlight on Debbie Gates.
Debbie and her husband, Warren, are long time members of Lake Village. She has been a dedicated member of our Wildlife Habitat Committee. Her love for community shines as she works tirelessly to plan, prepare and coordinate our program's many Adult and Children Activities and Workshops. Debbie's creativity for molding clay into a plethora of subjects is amazing. She and her husband have transitioned their backyard into a habitat garden as a welcoming spot for the Great Horned Owl. Members attending our Adult Wildlife Habitat Club events have a special love for Debbie's beautiful event decorations. We are blessed beyond words to have this lovely lady and her unbelievable spirit of volunteering. 
Welcome to Lake Village, Debbie. Keep enjoying LV'ing the Good Life. 

 Meet the Neighbor Spotlight on Kenneth Dodd.
Ken and his wife, Sandra moved to Lake Village with their two boys from San Diego in 1977. He spent the better part of his career enjoying the world of Brand Marketing. Ken was recruited to Temecula by Bianchi International, an international holster manufacturer with worldwide distribution. In 1987, he launched his own Brand Marketing agency, Final Touch Marketing. Now retired, Ken enjoys a number of activities, none more than our Wildlife Habitat Program. He serves as the  Chairperson for both the Lake Village Communication's Committee and Lake Village Wildlife Habitat Program. He loves bringing his personally made puppet, Gomer, to the Kids Wildlife Habitat Club events. When not constructing butterfly and turtle concrete stepping stones for the Wildlife Habitat Amphitheater he's playing his Gibson Les Paul guitar and spending time with his three grandsons - the center of his universe.
Welcome to Lake Village, Ken. Keep On LV'ing the Good Life.    

Meet the Neighbor Spotlight on Jeremy Garzon.
Jeremy has lived in the Lake Village community for twelve years. He said, “The first thing I noticed about Lake Village was the classic beauty that is only found in more established communities. The houses are inviting and remind me of the childhood home I grew up in, not to mention within the first few years I realized that I am five minutes away from basically everything the city has to offer. You really cannot beat the location.”
Some of you may have met Jeremy at our June’s Wildlife Habitat Paint & Sip event held at the clubhouse. He was so kind to volunteer his time teaching the guest’s how to paint a lake scene.
Jeremy passions include music, art, blacksmithing and working on his house. He has been a State Farm agent for over 20 years. 
Jeremy enjoys spending time with his family and the art of forging metal as a blacksmith, providing demonstrations on behalf of the Temecula Historical Society at Vail Headquarters. If you get a chance, check out his demonstrations the last Sunday of every month.
Welcome to Lake Village, Jermy. Keep On LV’ing the Good Life.

Meet the Neighbor Spotlight on Matthew Cavanagh.
Matt and his lovely wife, Ashley, moved to Lake Village from San Diego four years ago. They recently welcomed their first baby, a little boy, in late May 2022. Matt was helpful with the development of the Wildlife Habitat Amphitheater.

Matt owns and operates California Artworks a San Diego company that specializes in unique mural painting and design. He produces murals larger than life, often massive enough to fill a major lobby, or the side of a multistory building. I would define his work as environmental graphics that provide a layered experience in which identity, imagery, and sense of place are enhanced through emotional triggers and touch points within a spatial experience - typically represented by form, space, light, and shadow. Indoor and out, his work is impeccable. His choice in color, size, and position presents a powerful statement, commands the space, and dwarfs everything else that comes near it. According to Matt, he really enjoys the creative process and working with people to get their message across visually. He has been commissioned for dozens of mural projects throughout Southern California, gaining experience working on all types of surfaces in various styles and themes.
As a retired commercial artist and brand marketer, I can honestly say, Matt is a very special talent. He brings to life an amazing array of images to adorn hotels, schools, businesses, corporate offices, bar and restaurants. Many of his projects are featured on his firm’s website at
Welcome to Lake Village, Matt. Keep On LV’ing the Good Life.