Wildlife Habitat Committee

The Wildlife Habitat Committee affords an opportunity to meet new people and make new friends while working to protect and preserve our Wildlife Habitat. The Committee seeks to inspire Members to protect wildlife for our children’s future. The Committee serves to embrace conservation and environmental education, shaping the future of stewardship of the Lake Village Wildlife Habitat. It is responsible for developing and managing the Lake Village Wildlife Habitat Program. Specific program objectives are aimed at the community’s adults and children, providing wildlife gardening workshops, trail development and maintenance, annual habitat maintenance plan, and wildlife education seminars.
The Committee oversees the ongoing success of the Kid's Wildlife Habitat Club and Adult Wildlife Habitat Program. 
The Committee is comprised of five volunteer members who enjoy the outdoors, trail design and management, wildlife identification, water conservation, habitat gardening, building and maintaining bird houses, crafts, carpentry, fishing and more.
Presently the Committee has three members. We welcome any and all to join us. This Committee is very active and enjoys creating, designing and producing a number of Wildlife Habitat events, props, displays, and lessons throughout the year for our Adults and Kids. If you would like to join our Wildlife Habitat Committee or seek additional information. Click HERE.

Throw Back 70's Terrarium Party - September 10, 2022
Adults Lake Village Wildlife Habitat Club
Members got down and dirty in the making a Terrarium. For some it was the first time, others it was a visit back to the 1970's when the entire country was deep in earth tones.  Show here are a few of the finished terrariums. This was our last workshop for 2022. We are busy now planning a full 2023 schedule. Stay tuned. 

Amphitheater Dedication April 9, 2022
After a tremendous work of love the Wildlife Habitat Amphitheater was Dedicated by a large Lake Village turn out. We are very grateful to all those who pitched in and made this a beautiful cornerstone for our Wildlife Habitat Program. This amphitheater will provide our adults and children a place to gather, learn and appreciate the wildlife that call Lake Village their home. 

Kids Wildlife Habitat Club Workshop:
Clay Molded Bird Feeder. Several Lake Village kids and parents enjoyed making a clay molded bird feeder. This was a very popular event and will be repeated. 

Kids Wildlife Habitat Club Workshop: 
This was so much fun for the kids. Debbie Gates taught them how to make a Butterfly Stain Glass using colored tissue paper. We really have some outstanding artists in our club. They were then treated to a special class by Lynn Cohen planting a marigold plant. The kids learned how important marigolds are to our Wildlife Habitat as pollinators. Ranger Ken brought along Gomer the Pelican (our official mascot) to welcome everyone to this event. The little ones loved being able pet Gomer on the nose.