Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q. What, exactly, is a community association?
A. A community association (also called a homeowner association, homeowners association, or HOA) is a non-profit mutual benefit corporation. It is a legal entity charged with managing and maintaining the property and has an important fiduciary responsibility to oversee financial management of association funds, collected in the form of member dues.

Q. How do I become a member of an HOA?
A. When you buy a property that is part of the association, you automatically become a member and receive the rights of membership, as defined in your association’s governing documents. You are generally not able to “opt out” of joining the association; it is a requirement that accompanies your property purchase.

Q. What does HOA membership entail?
A. When you buy into the association, you legally undertake the responsibility and duties of membership. These rights generally include things like the right to use common areas, the right to run for a seat on the board of directors, the right to enjoy your property, etc. It also means that you will be obligated to follow all association rules and support the association through regular payment of dues.

Q. Where can I find more information about my community association?
A. Your Lake Village Community Association maintains current governing documents, including Articles of Incorporation, Rules & Regulations, Bylaws and Declarations of Covenants, Conditions and Restrictions (called “CC&Rs”). The Articles of Incorporation outline basic information about the organization, including the association’s name, location, and purpose. Bylaws cover how the organization is run and usually detail the association’s rights and responsibilities as well. CC&Rs make up a more comprehensive document that spells out in great detail all the specifics about homeowner and association rights and responsibilities. Finally, the Rules & Regulations are the day-to-day rules by which homeowners must abide. You can assess the Lake Village Community Association’s Governing Documents located on this website or you may request a copy from a board member or your community association management company.

Q. What are the benefits of community association management?
A. Living in an area that is overseen by an HOA is your choice. You are not required to purchase a home in an area governed by an HOA. However, homes with community associations enjoy significant advantages including:

  • Higher property values. Because rules and regulations are in place, properties, and common areas are usually better maintained which helps keep property values high.
  • Faster, more responsive common space maintenance. 
  • More control over decisions. Since the amenities in your community are part of a corporation in which you act as a shareholder, you have the right to participate in decision-making regarding upgrades and changes.
  • Greater sense of community.  You Lake Village Community Association management provides a common set of values and builds a sense of community with people who share your lifestyle. We often organize community activities and events that help homeowners get to know one another and create close-knit neighborhoods.

Q. If my community has an HOA, why do we need a community association management company?
A. Your Lake Village Community Association Board is comprised of volunteers who are responsible for handling assets worth millions of dollars–the combined value of homes and common area in your community. They are ultimately responsible for all the decisions that affect the community. However, the Board also relies on skilled professional community association management companies to provide invaluable insight and guidance pertaining to complex issues including asset management, financial oversight, legal requirements, and navigating the Davis-Stirling Common Interest Development Act, the state Civil Code that governs condominium, cooperative, and planned unit development communities in California. Management companies also have extensive experience handling tricky communications such as issuing warning notices and imposing fines for residents who break the rules. Working with a management company relieves administrative duties and helps protect the association from liability.

Q. What does my monthly assessment payment go towards?
A. Your assessment payments are used to pay for the following, including but not limited to: lake maintenance (19.3%), common area landscaping maintenance (19.87%), professional management (12.76%), pool maintenance (2.81%), common area maintenance (4.44%), patrol services(2.53%), insurance (3.51%), etc.

Q. When does the Association Board meet?
A. Board Meetings are every 4th Thursday at 6 p.m.  Elections are held each May Meeting. The Election meeting will be held on Tuesday, May 16th  There is no meeting in December.

Q. What are the pool hours?
A. The amenities at Lake Village have the hours of 6:00am – 10:00pm. However, there are no exterior lighting, so please use care during evening hours.

Q. When is trash day?
A. Trash receptacles are to be set at the curb no sooner than 6:00 p.m. on Tuesdays and removed no later than 6:00 p.m. on Wednesday.

Q. I want to report a crime that is happening.
A. Contact 911. For non-emergency illegal activity you may contact Temecula PD at (951) 776-1099. For all Association violations in progress or suspicious activity within the Association, please contact Keystone Management at 951-491-7362.

Q. There is an abandoned Vehicle. How do I report it?
A. Contact Temecula Code enforcement 951-302-4144. 

Q. How do I make a reservation for Lake Village Clubhouse?
A. You can reserve the clubhouse on the members page. Here you will find a clubhouse calendar providing dates available, and form application and contract required. Please fill out the clubhouse use application and contract and mail along with deposit check to Keystone Management. Contact Keystone Management 951-491-7363 with any questions.

Q. How is the lake maintained? When does it get dyed?
A. The lake is maintained from a professional water source service. The monthly service includes: water analysis, the shores cleaned of debris, aeration pump check, vegetation control, water level control carried out, and reporting. Dye is added to the lakes twice a year just before Memorial Day and again just prior to July 4th.

Q. Are dogs allowed on the lake?
A. Leased dogs are allowed around the lake shore, but no domestic animals are permitted in the lakes.

Q. What is the Capacity of the clubhouse?
A. The clubhouse has a capacity of 49 people.

Q. Is alcohol allowed at the Clubhouse?
A. Insurance will be required if the homeowner chooses to serve alcohol at their event.

Q. Do I need insurance if I have Alcohol, Bounce house, or Third party Vendor?
A. Yes. Please contact your home insurance agent to inquire about insurance policies available for your needs.

Q. Does the Clubhouse have internet?
A. Yes, but the signal is used solely to run the security recording cameras. WIFI is not available for homeowner use.

Q. Who opens the Clubhouse?
A. We are self-governed to maintain and keep all items in good repair for long term use. When you reserve clubhouse, you will be provided a lock code to open the clubhouse door at the time of your reservation. The lock code will work for the duration of your event. Please use the check in/ check out form to document all equipment and note any issues (take pictures if needed) PRIOR to your use.

Q. What is the address to the Clubhouse?
A. Address to the clubhouse is 30151 Rancho Vista Road, Temecula, CA 92592.

Q. How often do they change the Gate Codes at the Parks and walkway bridge?
A. The annual budget allows for the codes to be changed twice a year. One time in the fall and one time before Summer. It costs about $200 to change the gate code. It is imperative that gate codes are NOT shared with non-residents. The community cannot afford to change code often due to casual conversation about the gate code.

Q. How much is the Pool key card/fobs? Where do I get them?
A. The white pool key card/fob costs $10. They can be purchased at Keystone Pacific Property Management in Temecula 41593 Winchester Rd. Suite 113, Temecula, CA 92590.

Q. What are the approved Paint schemes?
A. See the FORMS Tab on the Lake Village Website for the Dunn-Edwards Pre-Approved LV Paint Schemes.  Lake Village residents receive a discount for paint purchase at the store located at 26901 Jefferson Drive, Murrieta.

Q. Are RV’s allowed in our community?
A. According to the current Rules and Regulations, RV parking or RV storage on homeowner properties are ONLY allowed if they are to be ENCLOSED or COMPLETELY OUT OF VIEW.  Low profile trailers are a good option for neighbors that want to utilize any extra space in their yard.  If you are interested in storing a RV, fill out an Architectural Design Application for guidance in appropriate storage visibility options.

Q. Are Political Signs allowed in our community?
A. The California legislature removed the ability of Associations to prohibit noncommercial political signage when they enacted Civil Code 4710.  The only authority by HOA’s is to the S size of signs and what the materials the signs are made up of. Signs and posters can be no more than nine( 9) square feet in size. Signs, Posters, flags or banners may be made of paper, cardboard, cloth, plastic, or fabric.  They may not be made of lights, roofing, siding, paving materials, flora, balloons or any other similar building landscaping or decorative component or include the painting of architectural surfaces. Flags or banners no more than fifteen (15) square feet in size.  The sign, poster, flag, or banner may be posted or displayed from the yard, window, door, or outside wall of the Resident’s separate interest.

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