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Lake Village Pool Receives New Umbrella Stands
Posted on Feb 15th, 2022

July 15, 2021
New Stands Provide the Perfect Holder for Personal Umbrellas
(Temecula, California) Lake Village Members visiting the  Association’s pool will now find a number of Umbrella Support Stands. Board Member, Erin Andrade realized the pool area was in much need of more shade. But where to put an umbrella was a problem needing an answer. A little ingenuity and personal elbow grease, and this Great Oak High School teacher and member of our Board of Directors came up with the perfect solution. 
Erin’s idea was something she had seen in magazines and she figured the perfect answer to this long over due need. She rounded up a number of five gallon plastic flower pots; some 1 -1/2 inch pvc pipe; a bag or two of Quickcrete®; her husband’s hacksaw to cut the pvc pipe to the perfect height; a wheelbarrow to mix the concrete; and, a hoe to mix the concrete. She then got busy cutting the exact lengths of pvc pipe to stand from the bottom of the pot to about six inches above the concrete. Next, she stretched some tape across the pot in two directions giving her a criss cross support to hold the pvc pipe straight up and down. Next, she mixed the concrete into a peanut butter consistency and poured it into the pot compacting it around the pipe. Once she had filled the pot to a comfortable height, she smoothed off the surface and let it cure.
Once the concrete had fully cured, Erin, added a layer of planting soil. She then situated a number of succulent plants and her beautiful little garden was completed. A little water once in awhile and her umbrella stands will be a proud fixture providing eye pleasing plants and shade.
Lake Village thanks you, Erin, for this amazing contribution to our Association’s quality of life. 
If you have an idea to beautify our Village, we would love to hear from you. It’s ideas as Erin’s and perhaps yours that supports living in Lake Village - as “LV’ing The Good Life.”   
For more information on this release contact, Kenneth Dodd, Chair Person, Communication’s Committee. 
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